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James Dillon Osama Osama Santa Cruz Community Television

Osama Osama - James Dillon
recorded at Santa Cruz Community Television

i wrote this on 9.11

Osama Osama now what have you done? 
You're going and turning good planes into bombs 
Osama Osama you silly old fool 
You must have forgotten the Golden Rule 
Why Why Osama

Osama Osama you think you're so mean 
You were born in the back of a long limousine 
Osama Osama the 23rd Son 
You must have been starved for more attention 
Why Why Osama 

It didn't work out in construction 
Went off to fight Russians in Afganistan 
Got pretty good at using a AR-15 
And wound up joining the Majah-Hadien 
Why Why Osama 

Osama Osama you think you're so tough 
Growing up rich it must have been rough 
The tallest kid in the land of Mecca 
You just wanted to be a basketball star 
Fly Fly Osama

Osama Osama now what will you do? 
When you go to Heaven when your day is due. 
Those 72 Virgins you're waiting to cork 
Nobody told you but they're made out of pork.
Why Why Osama
A local Santa Cruz band "The Homewreckers" play "Half as Fine" on Richard Dussell's "Look Mom I'm On TV" show on Community TV on July 17, 2009 Uploaded on Jul 26, 2009.